Getting Started

I have fretted and worried over what to write in this blog for the past month or two.  Burdened with a clear sense of the mistakes I made in my last blog, and painted into a corner by a sense of perfectionism, I have been frozen, finding it impossible to write anything.  So this is my attempt to just get things started.

The View From Here

I have spent my life, as far back as I can remember, trying to take seriously the pursuit and obedience of God.  In the different phases and periods of my life, that has taken different forms, which sometimes stood in contrast to how I attempted the same overall drive in a different part of my life.  But the idea that God is real, and that we, His creatures, should find ways to somehow take Him seriously, has been a fairly constant motivation over the course of my life.

I don't know exactly what form this will take, but I want to use this blog to share with you some parts of my experience of this pursuit.  In the past I have written communion meditations, daily devotions, pop songs, choral church music, and primarily (though mainly privately) journal entries.  I have also taken pictures, performed music, and on rare occasions spoken in public.  All of these, and perhaps more, are possibilities for what this blog may contain.

What I don't want to do is for this to just be a self-gratifying experiment in spilling myself on the digital page.  I really do hope to bless you, for God to bless you, my reader, through these words, music, and images, that ultimately He would be glorified in the process.  I would appreciate your prayers as I attempt to do this, for both your and His benefit.