You Are Not Powerless

Jesus wants to challenge your largely unspoken belief that you are powerless to change things. The gifts you have received from Him give you a certain kind and sort of power. You need to know how to exercise that power with love and wisdom, but also with humility. You, and even the power you have, are flawed and incomplete. To let the insights of that power steer and drive you without intentional reflection and restraint would be arrogant and foolish. But to not use the power at all would be a dereliction of duty, an abdication of responsibility, and a genuine tragedy.

Perhaps you can't change very much in this world, but you are not valued or measured by the size of your impact. You are inherently valued by God no matter how much you shirk your responsibility. But somehow He will reward us all for doing what is good and right, and how we rightly handle our responsibility. Obedience to God is the measure we should aim to increase, not clicks or votes or pats on the back.