The Raft and the Ship

God does not set us adrift on the raft of our own feelings. He offers that we sail the seas of life on the steady ship of the Truth of Himself. He is Love, which sacrifices mightily for the beloved, and He asks those who follow Him that we also sacrifice ourselves for those that He loves.

He offers the steady Ship, but to board that Ship we have to stop resting our lives on, relying on, our feelings as though they were reliable enough to save us from the storms. We have to stop leaning our weight on that raft, and start stepping onto His Ship. But when we do that, we can't just go where our feelings tell us to go anymore. We must go where He leads us. We still have our raft with us, and could take it overboard anytime, jumping back into the seas with a non-seaworthy vessel, just for the privilege of sailing our own direction. But the longer we're on this Ship, the more we should find the flimsiness of the raft unacceptable, and reject it as a viable option.