Recognizing the Spiritual

Do you ever wonder if what we experience as we perceive other people has sources and causes that are more than just physical? If I see a pretty girl, and something within me awakens or is energized, is that just hormonal activity, simply a physical urge? Am I just responding selfishly to the physical beauty I physically perceived in her? Or is it possible that when we turn our attention to another person, with our eyes and any other physical faculties like smell, etc., is it possible that we are also turning our spirit towards them, and part of the experience we have as we perceive them is also some sort of spiritual perceiving that is separate from the physical perception we experience?

That certainly seems possible, given what I/we believe about the nature and composition of what makes a human being. But as with so many spiritual things, I don't know how to separate the spiritual from the physical. I don't know how to identify what is happening to me at a spiritual level, how to discern, how to separate, not for the purposes of dissection and killing what is within me, but for the purposes of understanding and recognizing what is real, so it may be honored, or rejected, or addressed in some other fashion.