Revealing the Roots of Shame

Does knowing the root of your own shame help you overcome the ongoing experience of shame? Is it possible that knowing the root could be actually counterproductive to reducing or eliminating the ongoing shame?

It occurs to me this morning that, perhaps, God will not reveal to me the source and/or the root of my shame, if my intention is in any way to seek vengeance on whomever was responsible for that cause. But maybe, if my goal is solely healing, purely gaining greater health in my heart, mind, and soul, then maybe that increases the odds God will reveal to me the parties responsible for my ongoing shame.

Perhaps the responsible party is myself, in some way that I have not previously discerned.

In any case, I need to keep remembering that God‘s guidance is good. I need to remember that He has my best interest, and the best interest of everyone, in mind as He acts or allows others to act.