Jesus the Puppet?

Did God the father control Jesus' life like Jesus was a puppet?

There is debate among various groups and schools of thought in Christian theology about the exact role of free will versus divine sovereignty in how our lives run. Some people would claim that God has a will for humanity as a whole, or maybe for specific groups of people, but not for each individual. They often set up the strawman (which does have a grain of truth to it) of people believing that God controls all of their decisions, every single aspect of their lives. They argue that God only gets down into the weeds, so to speak, for particularly important events or people, not for everybody. Some would argue that God exercises a greater degree of detailed control over the important people, so to speak, to make sure that God's will actually comes to pass. They would seemingly argue that God practically ignores the "non-important people". So if God exercises a greater level of detail control over the most important events and individuals, did he exercise the highest degree of detailed control over Jesus' life?