Some people experience God in ignorance. They are already experiencing God, but they don't realize it, they don't recognize Him. They have other ways of conceptually structuring their experience, to explain what happens within them as well as in the external world.

But in my experience, no other worldview explains so much of existence, so much of reality, as well as orthodox Christianity. This is one of the main reasons I remain a Christian: I can make better sense of the world through the holistic understanding provided by a thoroughgoing belief and practice of the Christian worldview. That doesn't mean that I have all the answers; but I am left with fewer huge questions unanswered with that than I am with any secular worldview.

As I understand things, my experience of God is not guided by an ignorance of His character, but by real knowledge of His reality. I pray that this understanding, this awareness, of the presence and activity of the living God will also fill you, and displace the emptiness of ignorance.