God Asks, "What Do You Want?"

My child,

I've been asking you, repeatedly, over the years but more intensively over the last several months, the question, "what do you want?". I'm asking you this for several reasons (as always).

The first is, down in your soul, down in your heart, mixed in with desires that have other sources and varying levels of legitimacy, I have placed some dreams and desires and goals. I want you to find those, bring them to the surface, and make the pursuit of those goals your own. I want you to embrace those desires, and chase after those dreams, so you and I can pursue them and work on them together. But first you have to see them. First you must find them.

Second, I want you to drag out those other desires into the light of day, like you pulled out the decades-old junk from your mother-in-law's old storage room into the light of day. Like that old stuff, your old desires need to be evaluated in the light, and then dealt with appropriately. Some need to be burned and destroyed. But others are redeemable, recyclable, and yet others are perfectly good, even precious; they just need to be dusted off and given their proper place in your life.

Third, I ask you this question so that you may participate in My work. It is good and right that I am your Lord, and that you are My slave and child, obedient to Me. But as My child, made in My image, you have the ability to create, to shape and form beauty and order that didn't exist before. In this way (among others), you come alongside Me in My work. I am eager to see you join Me in this way.

But I need you to be open, honest, and fearless. You need to dig into those storage rooms in your soul and bring out all their contents so you and I can review them together. Some of the desires you find will be sinful. If you obey Me, we will deal appropriately with those desires. The point is not to demean, punish, or put you down because of what we find. The point is to remove the poison from you, to lead you toward wholeness and healing, toward the life I've always meant for you to have.

Bring it out in the open, to Me. Let it sit in the sunlight of My wisdom and love. Let me show you how your life will be fuller and richer and wiser and better without the sinful desires that have been woven into your heart. You identify with so many of them that really aren't part of you, that are actually foreign to who I've created you to be. Let me show you the child-more-alive that you are without them.

You are so precious to Me. You always have been. I gave authority and responsibility over you to people who sometimes did well, handled things like I wanted, but many times did not. In this you have much in common with many, many people. Life is the process of letting Me help you sort through everything you've believed about so many things, including how you see yourself, letting Me guide you into all truth.

Brace yourself, for this is a task that will not end this side of the grave. But at the same time, work to open yourself to the healing and joy you will find on the other side of this work. I am with you. You are not alone. We will keep after this together. You can trust Me; I hope that you will trust Me.