Three Provocative Questions

  • Should society honor the fluidity of identity dictated by one's own internal movements, or should one's identity have a connection to the past, and to the people around you, with an emphasis on solidity instead?
  • Should the great disagreements of a society be decided upon by a great bureaucracy staffed with the best experts, telling us all what we are and aren't allowed to do, or should those disagreements be worked out in the rough and tumble of everyday life, of people sitting across the table from others and slowly working towards an agreement not imposed, but arrived at?
  • Should America step back from colonialistic overlord-dom to allow the nations of the world to step into greater responsibility and self-determination, or should America accept the responsibility commensurate with its wealth and power and do the best it (in its humanly fallen way) can to create "safe spaces" for other countries to develop towards more humane governmental structures?